Risk statement

Dear global Bitget users

The derivatives trading service provided by Bitget contract trading platform is highly leveraged and risky. This risk alert is established to reveal the highly leveraged investment risk of digital asset derivatives trading to investors, and help investors evaluate and determine their own capabilities. In view of the existence of investment risks, before confirming this agreement and conducting contract transactions, investors should carefully read this risk reminder, ensure that they understand the nature and rules of contract transactions, and decide whether to participate in contract transactions on their own according to their investment experience, objectives, financial status, risk bearing ability, etc. Investors should consult with laws and other independent professional opinions before applying for high leverage and contract trading.
Suitable investors

Digital asset derivatives transactions are highly leveraged and risky, and are only suitable for professional investment institutions or people with rich investment experience, or people who can fully understand all the risks related to digital asset derivatives transactions and can withstand partial or total losses of account funds due to investment mistakes.
Existing risks

1. Risk of price fluctuation
• As a special product with investment value, the price of digital currency derivatives is affected by a variety of factors. The price fluctuates greatly, which makes it difficult for investors to fully grasp in actual operation. Therefore, there is a possibility of investment mistakes. If the risk cannot be effectively controlled, it may suffer large losses, and investors must bear all losses caused by it alone.

2. Transaction risk
• Investors need to understand that derivatives transactions are highly leveraged, which may lead to rapid profits or losses. If the direction of the transaction is opposite to the fluctuation of the market, it will cause large losses. According to the degree of loss, investors need to add digital currency deposits or reduce their positions, otherwise their positions may be forced to be closed, and investors must bear all losses arising therefrom.
• In the trading system of the exchange, the price limit order submitted by the investor is irrevocable once it is closed, and the investor must accept the risk that this method may bring.
• The exchange will not guarantee the profits of investors, and will not share profits or risks with investors.
3. Policy regulatory risk
• Digital asset derivatives transactions may face policy regulatory risks in a certain jurisdiction, and investors need to make prudent judgments on the premise of understanding the policy regulatory background of the transaction region before trading.

4. Other possible risks
• When users use high leverage, it will bring greater risks to users themselves and the market. Therefore, in order to maintain market stability, the platform will monitor the positions of users using high leverage. When the platform judges that user positions may have a greater impact on market stability, it will take corresponding measures, including but not limited to communication, risk disclosure, forced position reduction, forced position closing, etc, The user will be given a written explanation.
• The derivatives trading rules of the digital asset derivatives market, including but not limited to the adjustment coefficient, maturity date, product rules, etc., can be modified according to the actual operation of the platform. If the platform needs to deliver the products in advance or later due to special circumstances, after performing the obligation of notification through official website announcement or SMS notification, users need to deal with their positions in a timely manner, such as possible losses or gains caused thereby, All are borne by the user himself.
• Investors must thoroughly understand the basic knowledge and relevant risks of digital currency contract trading and the business rules related to participating in derivatives exchanges before participating.
• The risk matters mentioned in this risk tip are only illustrative in nature, and fail to list all risk factors related to digital asset derivative transactions in detail. Investors should also carefully understand and master other possible risk factors before participating in digital asset derivative transactions and investments.
• We sincerely hope and suggest investors to prudently decide whether to participate in this contract transaction and reasonably allocate their digital assets based on their own actual conditions such as risk tolerance.

Bitget Team