Legal statement

Dear Bitget user

   Please read the following Legal Statement carefully.


Article 1

The purpose of this website is to provide the best financial products and trading platform that meet professional and international standards for digital asset enthusiasts and investors around the world without violating any relevant laws and regulations. Do not use this website to engage in any illegal transactions, such as money laundering, smuggling and commercial bribery. If any account is found to involve any of the above illegal activities, this website will freeze the account and immediately report the account to the administrative authority.


Article 2

If the administrative authority requires this website to cooperate with it in the investigation of any designated user according to the relevant investigation certificate, or needs to take measures such as closing, freezing or transferring the user account, this website will assist it in providing the relevant data of the user of this account according to the requirements of the administrative authority, or perform relevant operations according to the requirements of the administrative authority. This website does not assume any responsibility for the user's privacy disclosure, account operation failure and loss caused by the above behaviors in any form.


Article 3

If users of this website violate any provisions of this statement, thereby violating any provisions of relevant laws, this website, as a service provider, is obliged to improve the rules and services of this platform. However, this website has neither the motivation to violate any laws and regulations nor the actual violation of any relevant laws and regulations, and does not assume any joint and several liability for the user's behavior.


Article 4

Any person who directly or indirectly logs in or uses this website shall be deemed to be voluntarily bound by this website.

Bitget Team