Anti money laundering policy

We do not open, maintain or accept anonymous or pseudonymous accounts.
If we have any reasonable reason to suspect that the client's assets or funds are derived from the proceeds of drug trading or criminal acts, we will not establish a business relationship or conduct transactions with the client. For such transactions, we will provide a suspicious transaction report and a copy to the relevant financial intelligence department.
We will conduct CDD for the following situations:
1. When we establish business relationship with any customer;
2. When we conduct any transaction with any customer who has not established business relationship with us;
3. When we pay cryptocurrency to or receive cryptocurrency payment from any customer who has not established business relationship with us by means of value transfer;
4. When we suspect the existence of money laundering or terrorist financing;
5. When we have doubts about the authenticity or sufficiency of any information;
When we suspect that two or more transactions are (or may be) related to each other, or intentionally split a single transaction into smaller transactions to avoid measures to prevent money laundering and combat terrorist financing, we will treat the transaction as a single transaction and summarize its value, so as to comply with the principles of preventing money laundering and combating terrorist financing.
6. We have the right to freeze the member's account suspected of money laundering until the member verifies that his or her funds are legal. Any fees or late fees incurred during this period shall be borne by the member himself or herself.